Your car is probably your price possession and I do not blame you for that. For most people their cars the best things in their lives and should be. After all, they spent most of their hard earned money on that particular car.

When the time comes when your car needs re-pain, maybe due to a scratch or the color of the car has damaged or you want some changes, in those cases you should consider some things before putting your paint less car scratch repair. There are a lot of different ways to paint your car. You can take your car out for a mirror finish car paint, or you can paint your car on your own, but whatever you do, there are some things you need to make sure first. Here are those things -

• The theme of the color of your car - Cars can evoke different ideas and memories, and the right color is important to evoke those themes. Certain shades reminiscent of the days of the muscle car of the 60s, while luxuries can use softer shades. It is important to think about how the color fits into the overall presentation of the vehicle.

• Your personal options - When you are up for the re-painting of your car; Be sure to put your personal choice one more time. Decide what color you would like to be painted on your car once more or what colors you want to keep in a bay. This can act as an easy guide for coloring decisions. Once you have a list of these colors, you can find cars that look similar to yours that are painted in those colors to determine if it works for your vehicle.

• The uses of your car - Some paints are designed specifically for low-use cars that will not see many trips. These paints can be expensive at the time when the entire vehicle has been painted, so you will not want to buy these paints for a car that sees a lot of daily use.

Keep these things in mind before you take your car to paint. The guide will help you understand the different ways to paint and what to do and what not to do while painting your car.

Even while driving carefully there is a chance that your windshield can get damage due to your own fault or any external cause. And when it gets damage the only thing our eye search with concern is the amount of damage in the windshield while thinking if it can be repaired or need a complete replacement.

The good news you can think about the cracks in your windshield is that it is not so necessary to replace them as they can be repaired. A certified professional auto glass repair can easily repair chips, nicks and cracks even 6 inches long. Whatever the reason for your windshield to crack and even if you are different city the immediate action to see a repair specialist is recommendable. And if you really in a different city no knowledge of the location of that areas auto glass repair workshop then you can search them online. For example if you are new to Vancouver city the search in the online writing auto glass repair Vancouver and you will find your place. And the reasons you need to go to the specialist are:

1.    The longer you ignore a chip in your windshield the more the damage windshield will receive. Driving with a damage windshield with chip in uneven terrain, or speed bump or in a windy or rainy weather is not a good option as they puts extra pressure in the chips and as a result the damage can increase and chips becomes cracks. Depending on the damage you might need to replace the windshield which is a lot more expensive and time consuming then the repairing the chips.

2.    Windshields are responsible for a passenger’s safety to a great deal and a little chip may compromise that safety. According to the experts a chip can decrease 70% strength of windshield and there is chance to crack. A windshield is responsible for safely opening of air bags and reduces the collapsing chance of the roof in case of an accident.

You can try windshield repair kit if you want to repair them yourself. It is a cheaper option then going to a repairer but very challenging because you have to fill resin properly in the miniscule cracks. And you might lose its chance to fix or repair if something goes wrong with your self-repair.

In case of repairing your windshield be wary of the stranger in gas station, car wash, in front of convenient store who claim they can help to repair your windshield and if you do give them your car to repair it they might replace your perfectly good windshield without letting you notice.             

After you have been in an accident, the most important thing is making sure you're safe. After that, the second most important thing is getting your vehicle back in working order. And When you deciding where to take your car for collision repair, then there are a few key factors to take into consideration.

1) Experience:- You may want to know if the staff has the experience to handle your needs. Check online to see if the staff is licensed, or if the shop has a standard for years of experience.

2) Insurance Coverage:- You may also wish to match your insurance to the shop of your choice. This can be easily done online or by calling ahead.

3) Pricing:- Of course, another factor to consider is the overall cost of auto body services.

Some collision repair services in Vancouver try to use genuine parts in all their restoration work. These pieces are what originally came in the vehicle. However, it will cost less than genuine. It is a good way to save a little money and get the same part that was originally in your vehicle.